Impress With Video And Web

Want to impress? Go video or dedicated web address…

Realtor links to “virtual” photo tours using professionally optimized images is the standard. Anything less appears amateur. To take it up another notch, try using cinematic video tours or better yet, link your professionally optimized photo and video tours via a dedicated web page. These sites work great with MLS listings.

10 more tips to improve traffic to your listings.

1. Include search engine optimization tags with your tours. 
2. Title each tour clearly so prospects understand exactly what is in the content.
3. Use YouTube’s thumbnail selector to choose the best still shot possible. Afterall, that first impression will lead to views.
4. The first few seconds are the most important, so be sure to get to the catch point right up front and to keep the duration under ywo and a half minutes. Most consumers wont watch five minutes.
5. Content should be about addressing the prospects inquiry, which is what the property has to offer. Avoid information about the agent.
6. Highlight the features and benefits of the listing and avoid hard sale tactics.
7. Be sure to share your listings on the top social networks!
8. Embed your video tour on your blog or website using rich keywords.
9. Direct traffic to your video pages with all your marketing collateral, business cards, brochures, emails, etc.
10. Include a subscribe link to your YouTube channel. Alerts will be sent out to all your subscribers with each new video post. This will greatly increase listing exposure!

You’re clients will love the results!

Check out this tour example and let us know if we can help your sales excel.

✭ 8329 E. San Salvador Scottsdale, AZ. Villa Herm…:

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