Fifty Men

Graphic Design Inspiration Gusto

Enjoy these ten graphic design inspirations compiled by Jessica Kuhn of

  1. TITLE Hemingway: The Sun Also Rises | DESIGN FIRM Design Army, Washington, DC;

    #1 Hemingway
  2. TITLE Feeling Lucky | DESIGN FIRM/CLIENT Touchwood Design Inc., Orangeville, Ontario;

    #2 Feeling Lucky
    #2 Feeling Lucky
  3. TITLE Coke Bottle Calendar | DESIGN FIRM Ayse Celem Design, Istanbul;

    Coke Calendar
    #3 Coke Calendar
  4. TITLE Dripp Coffee Shop | DESIGN FIRM Turner Duckworth Design, London/San Francisco;

    Dripp Coffee
    #4 Dripp Coffee
  5. TITLE 2013 Target Canada Social Media Travel Posters | DESIGN FIRM Target, Minneapolis;

    Target Canada
    #5 Target Canada
  6. TITLE FIFTYMEN Gig Poster | DESIGN FIRM McMillan, Ottawa, Ontario;

    Fifty Men
    #6 Fifty Men
  7. TITLE A Wedding Walk | DESIGNER Joel Derksen, Toronto;
    The Wedding Walk
      #7 The Wedding Walk (A)

    The Wedding Walk (2)
    #7 The Wedding Walk (2)
  8. TITLE De fi lm en aiguille | DESIGN FIRM DIÈSE, Québec City;

    De Film En Aiguille
    #8 De Film En Aiguille
  9. TITLE LA TRAVIATA | DESIGN FIRM McMillan, Ottawa, Ontario;

    La Traviata
    #9 La Traviata
  10. TITLE Rouse and Fable | DESIGN FIRM/CLIENT Rouse and Fable, Toronto;

    Rouse & Fable
    #10 Rouse & Fable

Does your designer know that you are running a business?

dina's desktop design summary

It may seem obvious, but it is prudent to ask.  Does the designer understand your business goals? You are running a business, after all.

The designer and their art should contribute to the goal of selling your product or service.Some designers can get caught up in the beauty of a piece and forget that it needs to achieve a business goal. It’s is good to know if your potential designer is used to working with corporate clients.

Graphic Design Tip – Rule #1

Rule #1 in graphic design for marketing is that design isn’t just about Photoshop. It’s about Psychology.Color Psychology in Graphic Design

The secret to a great market campaign isn’t in having pretty designs with some compelling content. The real secret is in psychology and consumer behavior. After all, emotions drive the purchase.

Good design includes color psychology and appealing imagery. A suitable style needs to reflect and direct. Good designers know this and they understand the goal is to influence a reader’s psychological state of mind and perception of your business. A knowledge of peoples reactions to these elements help implement persuasive strategies into your marketing plan.

A good deisgner will create collateral that captures interest, holds it, and brings you sales.

Isn’t that what you want?