Graphic Design Inspiration Gusto

Enjoy these ten graphic design inspirations compiled by Jessica Kuhn of

  1. TITLE Hemingway: The Sun Also Rises | DESIGN FIRM Design Army, Washington, DC;

    #1 Hemingway
  2. TITLE Feeling Lucky | DESIGN FIRM/CLIENT Touchwood Design Inc., Orangeville, Ontario;

    #2 Feeling Lucky
    #2 Feeling Lucky
  3. TITLE Coke Bottle Calendar | DESIGN FIRM Ayse Celem Design, Istanbul;

    Coke Calendar
    #3 Coke Calendar
  4. TITLE Dripp Coffee Shop | DESIGN FIRM Turner Duckworth Design, London/San Francisco;

    Dripp Coffee
    #4 Dripp Coffee
  5. TITLE 2013 Target Canada Social Media Travel Posters | DESIGN FIRM Target, Minneapolis;

    Target Canada
    #5 Target Canada
  6. TITLE FIFTYMEN Gig Poster | DESIGN FIRM McMillan, Ottawa, Ontario;

    Fifty Men
    #6 Fifty Men
  7. TITLE A Wedding Walk | DESIGNER Joel Derksen, Toronto;
    The Wedding Walk
      #7 The Wedding Walk (A)

    The Wedding Walk (2)
    #7 The Wedding Walk (2)
  8. TITLE De fi lm en aiguille | DESIGN FIRM DIÈSE, Québec City;

    De Film En Aiguille
    #8 De Film En Aiguille
  9. TITLE LA TRAVIATA | DESIGN FIRM McMillan, Ottawa, Ontario;

    La Traviata
    #9 La Traviata
  10. TITLE Rouse and Fable | DESIGN FIRM/CLIENT Rouse and Fable, Toronto;

    Rouse & Fable
    #10 Rouse & Fable

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