For The Love of Autumn…

Autumn Havest

Autumn Day
Lord, it is time. Let the great summer go,
Lay your long shadows on the sundials,
And over harvest piles let the winds blow.

Command the last fruits to be ripe;
Grant them some other southern hour,
Urge them to completion, and with power
Drive final sweetness to the heavy grape.

Who’s homeless now, will for long stay alone.
No home will build his weary hands,
He’ll wake, read, write letters long to friends
And will the alleys up and down
Walk restlessly, when falling leaves dance.

This printed English translation of the original poem “Herbsttag” by Rainer Maria Rilke 1902 is courtesy of Guntram Deichsel. Blogged this week by The World According to Dina.

DIY Graphic Design

Font Pairing

font pick a pair

Starting a business or project on a tight budget usually means you can’t splurge for professional media design services. But, putting together a logo, images, posters, and websites is an option for the do-it-yourselfer.

Start with an element to reinforce your theme. Vintage fonts won’t work for technology and pink is not a suitable color for a law firm.  See what I mean?

Use 2-3 complimentary fonts consistently in all your collateral.  Avoid a font explosion.

A couple of my favorite free font sites are fontsquirrel and 1001freefonts.


Just The Facts

Collateral pieces to support your marketing campaign might include a Company Fact Sheet.


The design style of your company fact sheet should be consistent with your business brand image; whether that be formal, corporate, or whimsical.  Information included should guide potential investors, employees, analysts, and members of the media to learn important facts about your business with just a quick look.

A company fact sheet should include the following information:

  • The date the company was founded
  • Location of headquarters and any affiliate offices. This can include images.
  • Names and brief backgrounds of founders and upper-level management. These can also include photographs.
  • Contact information

Then, let the facts speak for themselves.

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