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Font vs Typeface


The difference between font and typeface is like the difference of song and album. Fonts are subsets of a typeface in various sizes & weights.

Six Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer

Get noticed with graphic design

Business managers and professionals are busy, so just why bother with graphic design, anyway?

1) Brand Recognition – Your business image starts with the logo, but it also crosses all aspects of your business. Your brand should target your audience in ways that are functional, attractive and professional. Excellence in graphic design provides an instant connection to your customers.

2) Company Unity – The workplace is surrounded by your brand in the various publications and documents used everyday. Happy and healthy team members will be committed to your company’s success when they can stand behind the brand image. Good graphic design reinforces their committment.

3) Professionalism – Your company will make a great first impression in a fraction of a second with a quality logo. Cheap design could break that impression and cost customer loyalty.

4) Communication – Graphic design extends beyond the logo and even the website. It can communicate your ideas informatively and transmit ideas that words simply cannot accomplish alone. Good design creates a positive image and avoids misunderstandings.

5) Productivity – Good design, especially in websites, positively impacts worker productivity. A practical design is a usable design. Avoid headaches for clients and team members by incorporating easy navigation, legible fonts, and appropriate colors.

6) Money – Its really about the bottom line. Bad design can be expensive. Do it right the first time and you won’t spend more money fixing it later. A qualified graphic designer will provide collateral ready to use and at a reasonable cost.

Keep these points in mind before underestimating the role of graphic design in your business.