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Hiring a graphic designer gives you an additional resource for some creative ideas. Graphic designers are in the field because they are creative people. Today’s fast paced world requires a great first impression.

Professional designers will give creativity to your vision with strong visual concepts that reinforce your message and communicate it clearly to your audience. They can help you develop a brand that matches the quality of your products and services. They can provide you with beautifully printed business cards and brochures. They can design a logo that not only gets attention, gains recognition, but communicates the ideas and values behind your business.

You have enough to worry about when it comes down to improving your bottom line. Hiring a professional designer can take the burden off your marketing efforts and help to relay a positive perception to the right crowd.

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Ask The Designer…


Will I like working with you?

Okay, this is a business relationship, not a romance. But, you can expect creative relationships to be a little complicated.  However, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Sure, the graphic designer should always keep the client’s needs as priority.

Yet, the client can avoid work results that don’t meet their needs by keeping in touch with the graphic designer  – periodically.  An occasional meet up to revisit the needs of your business will keep your graphic designer focused and up to date with your emerging needs.  So, let’s stay in touch.



Good To Know…

7 Principles of Design Psychology


Excerpts & images courtesy of Jacob Cass ::

The Von Restorff Effectvonrestroff

1. The Von Restorff Effect – tells us that the more absurd an element is, the more it will stand out and be remembered.

Emotions of Colorcolorpsychology

2. Emotions of Color – Color evokes emotions

Black: sophistication and power (example site)
White: cleanliness, sophistication, virtue
Red: courage, power, strength; can also stimulate appetite
Blue: calmness, peace, trust, safety (example site)
Yellow: optimism, happiness
Green: balance, sustainability growth
Purple: royalty, spiritual awareness, luxury
Orange: friendliness, comfort, and food
Pink: tranquility, femininity, sexuality

(Typical of Western Culture)

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needsmaslawshierarchy

3. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – The pyramid is designed to show the steps one must take to reach self-actualization. Think about the client’s target audience relative to the pyramid.

Hick’s Law hickslaw

4. Hick’s Law – relates to how long it takes someone to make a decision. If people have more choices to choose from, it will take them longer to decide. Fewer choices lends to quicker response.

Facial Recognition humantouch

5. Facial Recognition – People are inherently drawn to faces—so much that we see faces where there aren’t any, like on the surface of the moon or on Mars. Faces catch attention, direct focus and convey emotion.

Fitt’s Law fittslaw

6. Fitt’s Law states “the time required to move to a target is a function of the target size and distance to the target.” Essentially, larger buttons are more likely to be clicked.

Occam’s Razor occamsrazor

7. Occam’s Razor – tells us that the simplest solutions are almost always the best. Keep it simple.




To Think Outside The Box

Andromeda Galaxy

To think outside the box could go so far as to explore outside our atmosphere.  Explore new models for the universe at  Enjoy! Andromeda Galaxy image courtesy of