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copyrightShould you ask to see your graphic designer’s inspiration?

By all means, yes! Picasso was quoted as saying, “Good artists copy, Great artists steal.” Most doubt if he meant that literally, though Steve Jobs may have took the quote to heart. Copyright infringement, nonetheless, can make or break a new product release and it pays to fend off potential losses right from the start.

Look at this great example from a blog post by the “North Carolina Beer Lawyer.”



The client learned almost too late that the design for their new brew’s label was all too similar to a specific comic book illustration. The product was about to be released to stores when the issue was realized just in the nick of time. It cost them in new labels, but they were saved from potential legal fees.



The new label does still bear some similar characteristics to the illustration in question. However, the idea in itself cannot be copyrighted, while the artistic expression of that idea certainly can. detective-saison

This story demonstrates why it is important to ask for the graphic designer’s inspiration. Ownership for any copyright information and indemnification against any copyright infringement is usually assigned through the design contract. Save yourself some hassle and a bit of money by handling these matters  up front before the design is ever even drafted.

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