Things To Know…

5 Key Visual Design Trends

Excerpts from CreativeBloq writer, Tom May. Images through random Google search.

1. Real Women


Depictions of women are moving away from the old stereotypes in both media and marketing, featuring a diverse array of women with dynamic careers, lifestyles and looks. A variety of body shapes and ages are being celebrated in popular branding, reflecting female leadership in contemporary work and life.

2. Modern Families


Big brands are changing the way they portray the modern family in order to remain relevant and engaging. Marketing advertising now commonly features single parents, stay-at-home dads, blended families, alternate lifestyles and persons living active lives with disabilities. This imagery isn’t about shock value, its about reflecting a wider range of human stories and experiences in the 21st century.

3. Creative Point of View


Mainstream content reflects an increased first-person point of view as more consumers are creating their own images and sharing them digitally. The trend draws in the viewer by offering a more intimate and involved lifestyle that feels authentic and believable and suited for social media.

4. Supersensory Imagery


There has been a rise in imagery and video that expresses a rich sensual feel, creating a more immersive experience for the viewer. The textural detail found in these visuals works hard to engage the senses. Techniques like macro photography used to capture scenes of food and nature can evoke feelings of taste or smell and heighten emotional engagement.

5. Letterbox Dimensions


New technology has inspired widescreen imagery for use on smartphones and tablets. Designers are actually designing mobile first. The panoramic visuals look great on your apps and bring an epic cinematic feel to design.





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