Ask The Designer… Perfect Design Tool?

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What is the Perfect Design Tool?

Making the human connection resonates with me. Too often we are caught up in the fast paced world and today’s advanced gadgetry, not to mention the ever looming deadline.  There is also the drama in the news headlines to distract us.  We forget to focus on the reality behind the human story.

We are all people, after all.  Individual persons with hopes and aspirations, with fears and dissappointments.  The client is a person.  The client’s customer is a person.  And the graphic designer is a person, too.

I came across the following post titled, “The Perfect Design Tool.”  It reminds me to put the focus on service for people.  I hope you enjoy the read, too.

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Design Know-How: Before Photoshop


How did they do that?

I came across this video “Before Photoshop” recently and it reminded me of one of my first summer jobs at a local newspaper. I dreamed of designing for print after watching the cut and paste process. Little did I know then how things would change with the digital age.

Take note of just how involved it was. This is exactly why the programming techies were enlisted to develop programs like Photoshop. And today, the presses are completely digitized requiring so much more than mechanic know-how to operate. Cut and paste is still the best way to learn.  But, software savvy truly takes publishing to a new level.

Enjoy the show presented by Sean Adams of

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Be Inspired: Hunting Logos

I’m always on the lookout for design inspiration. And today I came across Courtright Design. Kyle’s work and his new Logo Wave award site are great resources. 

Logo design is the specialty at his studio and he recently published a thoroughly comprehensive guide on the subject. 

Being from a family of hunters, I was pumped to come across a few examples of hunt club logos on Kyle’s blog.

With no further ado, in the hunt for logos…

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It’s All Relative: So, Reinvent Yourself.


I’ve found some great inspiration for those of us who are reinventing themselves after the age of 40.

I’ve always had a knack for design, photography and doodles.  But, the cost of living kept me busy in well paying administrative positions for real estate developers.  After the housing crash of 2008, I decided to take the plunge into a new direction at the spry age of 45.  I went back to school to complete my studies in desktop publishing.

With the onset of the digital age and smart devices, I found design to be so much more than the printed page.  And now I am a skilled multimedia design specialist fluent in motion graphics and web design, as well as the printed page. The future is looking brighter than ever.  And, I’m not gonna turn back now!

Here are a few links to others for inspiration. Enjoy!

Rocker turned graphic designer and movie maker – Hillman Curtis (video)

10 Designers who became successful after age 40

The psychology of reinventing yourself


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Free Business Icons

20 Free Business Icons

boldee_icon_18 boldee_icon_16

Enjoy these 20 business icons from Boldee at Dina’s Desktop Drive.

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Ask The Designer…

What makes an image effective for internet use?


“Use a picture.  It’s worth a thousand words.” – Arthur Brisbane

Arthur Brisbane

Besides, the world wide web would be a boring place without them.  Visual information is also quick and convenient.  Images trigger emotions and engage the viewer making content memorable.  We should consider a few specifications when choosing images for use on the internet.  These considerations include size, resolution, relevance and effectiveness.

What are the images’ purpose?  Are they relevant and supportive to the site’s content?  Do they attract viewer attention and guide the viewer’s line of sight?  Is placement related to the adjacent content?

Images are of great value to the presentation of information.  We perceive approximately 90% of all information visually, after all.  So, it’s worth taking a little time to think about how to use them in your content management.


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Design Know How for Social Media

Posting regularly to social media is great for keeping your business on top of the search engines.  Did you also know it’s impressive to coordinate visual elements of your profile?


Visual principles should be applied in social media just as with all your collaterals.  Color matching your page header with your profile photo is a great example.  Creative shapes and styling can also make a profile pop. Check out the examples below.
Read more design hacks over at
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It’s all relative…

This is your brain on the internet. 

Enjoyed this quick read and visuals over at
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Friday Freebie – Newsletter Template

Enjoy this free newsletter template for MSWord.

It’s available for download at

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