Ask The Designer… Perfect Design Tool?

Graphic by Domism @ DesignYourWay.Net


What is the Perfect Design Tool?

Making the human connection resonates with me. Too often we are caught up in the fast paced world and today’s advanced gadgetry, not to mention the ever looming deadline.  There is also the drama in the news headlines to distract us.  We forget to focus on the reality behind the human story.

We are all people, after all.  Individual persons with hopes and aspirations, with fears and dissappointments.  The client is a person.  The client’s customer is a person.  And the graphic designer is a person, too.

I came across the following post titled, “The Perfect Design Tool.”  It reminds me to put the focus on service for people.  I hope you enjoy the read, too.

#graphicdesign #dinasdesktop



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