Friday Freebies – Children’s Invitation

Everyone loves free stuff, especially when we get our hands on something that we can actually use. 

And when its come to goodies for the kiddos, it ranks top bidding. 

Below is a graphic design tutorial with free assets included courtesy of Design Cuts. It comes with adorable pictures to put into your own creations, even if you use MSWord instead of Illustrator or InDesign. 

Have a great weekend playing with those little ones! 

FREE – Design Cuts Invite Tutorial with Assets

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Doodle Know How

​Would you like a quick doodle “How To”?

I, for one, spend every free minute that I am not exhausted doodling and learning new digital art techniques. Not quite art school, but Creative Bloq makes a great effort to share links to some of the best graphic design tutorials on the web.

View a few from their latest recommendations at the link below and have some left brain fun.

Digital Design Tutorials at Creative Bloq

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Friday Freebies from Design Bundles


Please enjoy these freebies from Design Bundles over at boho-totem-sacred-geometry


It’s All Relative, So Get Creative

Let’s get creative at #dinasdesktop

Design Know How – Budget Brochures


A brochure is second only to business cards. Every business needs to showcase their goods and services in a well crafted brochure. Even if you are on a tight budget, the brochure is an important part of your marketing collateral.

Now, the local print shop can put one together for you at a fair cost and there are an abundance of qualified freelance graphic designers available at great rates. Myself being one, and I’d love your business, but I also understand that sometimes there is just no room in the marketing allowance to hire out.

So, with no further adieu, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you put together a brochure template in Microsoft Word. I hope you have fun with it!BrochureMSWordBrochureMSWord2

Or try a template – there are many freebies available.

NOTE: It is always recommended to also save the document as a PDF (Portable Document Format) for printing and email. The PDF is recognized by most email clients and printers.

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Ask The Designer… Logo Graphics

What are the Do’s and Dont’s of combining logo graphics with typography?

I gleaned the following design tips from an episode of “Before & After” with John McWade of


butteredlime01    butteredlime05butteredlime02   butteredlime03


  • A graphic can get lost among the letters of a long name and will become practically invisible at smaller screen sizes.
  • Long logos also don’t work well in vertical spaces.
  • By separating the graphic from the name, we gain room to move. An image can be used alone or the name can be used alone when the two are not connected. The graphic can also then be used as an avatar. The whole design becomes more versatile.
  • Line weight for the name should compliment rather than compete with the graphic.




  • Incorporating hierarchy and similarity can allow more flexibility to the line weights and to the arrangement.
  • John’s final suggestion for the Buttered Lime logo was to use the simplest form, simply because the name in of itself is intriguing. Alternatively, the name within the circle gave the logo independence and would not be effected by the background contrast. His third choice would be the name with the separate graphic centered above for the versatility this layout allows.



Enjoy your doodles! And watch John’s free episode at the link below.

Graphic Design Tips & Tricks


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Style & Real Estate Photography

Room of the Day courtesy of



Without a doubt, most home buyers today begin their property search online. Real Estate Photography by Dina Mare of Dina’s Desktop will help your listings stand out from the rest. Professionally optimized images will not only impress your clients and make you look great, but most importantly, bring in more serious inquiries from potential buyers.

Did you know that website listings with multimedia video tours receive over 40% more click through and that over 70% of sellers are more likely to list with an agent that offers multimedia tours with their service?

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Things To Know About Web Design…

This is how I feel when I’m building the internet…

It starts with understanding the difference between web design and web development.

The difference will matter when it’s time to build your next website.  Of course, the online site builders like Wix and Weebly have come a long way for the do-it-yourselfer.  However, their built-in resources are relatively limited and you do still have to face a learning curve, though not as complicated as learning to code HTML5 and CSS.  There is also the consideration of your time and the professional quality of the end result.

The online site builders are also not exactly compatible with many extra features that only a designer or developer can produce.  If your site will need to handle custom design layouts and behaviors, keep in mind that it will require extensive styling scripts, programming of customer management systems and hypertext processing.  Programming the back end of a pretty page can become quite complicated.  Hence, calling on the professionals will take your site above the rest and win the most potential customers.

Web design is about the look and the workings of a website.

Design is the styling of the viewing page and involves the site’s appearance and function.  A good web designer takes into account the principles of visual design, the user experience and the business’s needs.

Web development is about the how and why that brings life to a website.

A developer’s focus is on how a site works, how actions are performed and how things function behind the scenes.  A good developer makes the function of website design happen effectively and without any bugs.

Designers and developers generally work together to build the internet.  Though some designers are very capable developers and vice versa, most tend to prefer one aspect or the other.

You may find a designer and developer working together as a team or in association with one another.  It is still good to be aware that when you hire that freelance web designer, they may outsource third-party connections and resources for development features.  And that’s okay.  That combination will empower your virtual space above and beyond the World Wide Web.

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