Things To Know About Web Design…

This is how I feel when I’m building the internet…

It starts with understanding the difference between web design and web development.

The difference will matter when it’s time to build your next website.  Of course, the online site builders like Wix and Weebly have come a long way for the do-it-yourselfer.  However, their built-in resources are relatively limited and you do still have to face a learning curve, though not as complicated as learning to code HTML5 and CSS.  There is also the consideration of your time and the professional quality of the end result.

The online site builders are also not exactly compatible with many extra features that only a designer or developer can produce.  If your site will need to handle custom design layouts and behaviors, keep in mind that it will require extensive styling scripts, programming of customer management systems and hypertext processing.  Programming the back end of a pretty page can become quite complicated.  Hence, calling on the professionals will take your site above the rest and win the most potential customers.

Web design is about the look and the workings of a website.

Design is the styling of the viewing page and involves the site’s appearance and function.  A good web designer takes into account the principles of visual design, the user experience and the business’s needs.

Web development is about the how and why that brings life to a website.

A developer’s focus is on how a site works, how actions are performed and how things function behind the scenes.  A good developer makes the function of website design happen effectively and without any bugs.

Designers and developers generally work together to build the internet.  Though some designers are very capable developers and vice versa, most tend to prefer one aspect or the other.

You may find a designer and developer working together as a team or in association with one another.  It is still good to be aware that when you hire that freelance web designer, they may outsource third-party connections and resources for development features.  And that’s okay.  That combination will empower your virtual space above and beyond the World Wide Web.

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