Ask The Designer… Logo Graphics

What are the Do’s and Dont’s of combining logo graphics with typography?

I gleaned the following design tips from an episode of “Before & After” with John McWade of


butteredlime01    butteredlime05butteredlime02   butteredlime03


  • A graphic can get lost among the letters of a long name and will become practically invisible at smaller screen sizes.
  • Long logos also don’t work well in vertical spaces.
  • By separating the graphic from the name, we gain room to move. An image can be used alone or the name can be used alone when the two are not connected. The graphic can also then be used as an avatar. The whole design becomes more versatile.
  • Line weight for the name should compliment rather than compete with the graphic.




  • Incorporating hierarchy and similarity can allow more flexibility to the line weights and to the arrangement.
  • John’s final suggestion for the Buttered Lime logo was to use the simplest form, simply because the name in of itself is intriguing. Alternatively, the name within the circle gave the logo independence and would not be effected by the background contrast. His third choice would be the name with the separate graphic centered above for the versatility this layout allows.



Enjoy your doodles! And watch John’s free episode at the link below.

Graphic Design Tips & Tricks


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