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20 Free Business Icons

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Enjoy these 20 business icons from Boldee at Dina’s Desktop Drive.

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Ask The Designer…

What can you tell me about the clients in your portfolio?


A designer’s portfolio can tell you a lot about the designer.  While the portfolio doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the exact type of project you are seeking, it should demonstrate similar projects. As you look through the portfolio, consider if each piece is creative and unique.  Also consider what the piece tells you about the client.  It is also speaks volumes if the client is still using the work.

Ask the designer about the client.  Does the piece show that the designer took the time to get to know the client’s needs?  It might also be helpful to follow up with that client to get their perspective.  You’ll want to know if the clients are consistently happy with the work.  It will save you time, money and stress further down the road.



Ask The Designer…

How important is layout in the design of your publications?

In English, we read from the top left of a page to the bottom right.  Layout of your pages should keep this in mind and present the information just as the reader expects.  Making elements big or bold can interrupt the usual flow causing the reader to re-track.  But, there are a few tricks to keep the reader engaged.

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Adding color can redirect the reader’s eye.  Using a grid can provide rhythm to the information which also prevents elements from competing for attention. Grids also allow you to present a lot of information without it being overwhelming, but adding breaks to the grid can add visual interest.

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Styles of typography, color and layout usage have historical ties that cannot be ignored.  Lawyers, doctors and accountants usually want to show a sense of steadiness and conservatism such as with centered layouts reading top to bottom.  A similar layout will not work as well for a Rock band.



Design is also limited to the assets given.  Images should be high quality rather than clip art.  Copy writing should be effective with succinct, easy-to-read and appropriate tone of voice.


Excerpt and images courtesy of LinkedIn SlideShare / Visible Logic / Graphic Design 101 for Marketers and Business Professionals.

Ask The Designer…


Will I like working with you?

Okay, this is a business relationship, not a romance. But, you can expect creative relationships to be a little complicated.  However, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Sure, the graphic designer should always keep the client’s needs as priority.

Yet, the client can avoid work results that don’t meet their needs by keeping in touch with the graphic designer  – periodically.  An occasional meet up to revisit the needs of your business will keep your graphic designer focused and up to date with your emerging needs.  So, let’s stay in touch.