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20 Free Business Icons

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Enjoy these 20 business icons from Boldee at Dina’s Desktop Drive.

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Be inspired…

imagineersBe inspired by good design doing good things in design awards as announced over at DigitalArtsOnline.

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Things to Know…


Today’s technology is flooding us with oodles of images at the swipe of our fingertips and more non-designer types are getting into the creative swing of things. Most anybody can design beautiful and compellng content with relative ease using the latest software and apps.

It is still preferrable to hire a graphic designer when the project would benefit from a professional touch. But, there is something incredibly rewarding about bringing an idea to life through images. You can make it work, too.

Open yourself up to learning and experimentation and you just might find yourself hooked on graphics.

If you are up for exploration, check out Google Drawings.

True Story: This post was inspired by Jacob Cass of

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Ask The Designer…

Should you use your vehicle as a mobile billboard?

Wonkavator 001

Car Wraps actually make great attention grabbing advertisements.  It’s estimated that over 50,000 people will see a wrapped vehicle in one month alone.  Depending on your city, of course.  They cost about the same as a paint job, starting around $1500.


It is recommended that the design of your wrap be considered carefully.  You’ll want it to align with your brand and to be in good taste.  Wild colors and poor quality images will definitely turn customers away.


The wrap is typically  used to get customers to notice you, and then to contact you.  Be sure to add your phone number and social media links.  QR codes are quite handy.  Keep wording to a minimum because we wouldn’t want to distract your fellow drivers.  Many services using wrapped vehicles say they get most of their business through their wraps.


It’s not always about the bottom line, though.  Take for example this little Wonkavator. This customer just wanted to have fun with her PT Cruiser.  Design by Dina’s Desktop and installation by Diego’s Signs of Naples Florida.

Empowering ideas through innovative design.

Wonkavator 002

Wonkavator 003

Wonkavator 006






Friday Freebies – Cooking Up A Storm

Friday never comes soon enough.  Better to come early!


Are you looking for a Summer deal?  Here are beautifully illustrated ingredients for your cooking projects and recipe cards. The Adobe Illustrator vector file is available for sale at Creative Market, but you can pick up your FREE PNG image set here from Dina’s Desktop.

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