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Ask The Designer: Negative Space?


Embrace negative space

The proper use of negative space is often overlooked by beginner and advanced designers alike. What is negative space (or “white space”)? It’s the space in your design that’s not occupied by any visual or written element. A design piece that doesn’t incorporate enough negative space is like a sentence with no spaces – itisdifficulttocomprehend.

Jan Tischold, one the most influential typographers in history, stresses this importance: “White space is to be regarded as an active element, not a passive background.” The effective use of negative space is just as crucial as the design itself. Don’t believe me? It’s scientifically proven that white space improves legibility and comprehension. Consider white space at every stage of your design.

Try It Yourself

Learning to effectively use white space won’t happen overnight. You’ll have to try out many different options to find what works for each design. First, I’d recommend reading some of the articles on this reading list, compiled by David Kadavy of Design For Hackers. Then, try and put some of these theories into action.

Remember, there’s no hard-and-fast rule to using white space. It takes practice. Eventually, you’ll find that exercises in resizing elements in your composition and changing the layout will lead to a natural understanding of the amount of breathing room required.


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Ask The Designer: Design without Content?


We are reminded by Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute that content without design is just stuff! But, we should also note that design without content is hardly more than an empty page.

So, when the client asks to design a layout for content to be inserted later, you might consider the following responses.

The designer is thinking – “Of course, not a problem at all. You have no content whatsoever, no idea about colors, not a slogan and not even a title idea. I’ll have absolutely no idea what it should look like. Maybe I could insert some doll faces and curly cues and mock up the text in Comic Sans. I’m sure that will work perfectly with what you had in mind, Right?”

What we really want to say is, “Go elsewhere and stop wasting my time!”

However, to be civil and polite, “I do need to know what the content will be and what objectives you have in mind before an actual layout template can be designed.”

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Be Inspired… Designer Quotes


“Design is the application of intent – the opposite of happenstance and an antidote to accident.”

Robert L. Peters



Friday Freebies Finds Font Fun! “Zebrazil”


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Goodbye Summer

Visiting my namesake across the ocean and beyond the sea…

The World according to Dina

Selma: “Don’t hang out that lazily! Come on, get up, we want to bid farewell to the summer.It was so sweet and has deserved it!
So our busy Selma requested to make it to the Blakeney Point for saying “Goodbye summer!” and taking a lot of vitamin sea. Siri checked the tide to ensure an easy four miles walk on sand instead of shingle to this National Nature Reserve. The Blakeney Point is a long spit of land into the sea, it’s a “hook of sand”, as Siri calls it, and therefore we just follow the beach observed by curious seals. Out there it’s silent, so silent you can hear the earth turning – if the terns wouldn’t be so noisy.

Selma: “Sitzt doch nicht so transusig herum. Hopp, hopp, munter aufgestanden, wir wollen uns vom Sommer verabschieden, der hat’s verdient!
So fordert…

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After the Monsoon // Tucson AZ 4K

This short film highlights the desert waterfalls in and around Tucson, Arizona during the summer monsoon season. The summer monsoon season occurs from July to early September and is of significant …

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